How it works

This page is still under construction ! But you can find out more about how to bot work on Twitter !

Welcome on the Emoji Mashup Bot generator ! The bot was created by Louan Bengmah as a Twitter bot, known as @EmojiMashupBot. It got quite popular in a few weeks and a lot of people requested to make their own emoji mashups so here it is as a website !!
Please keep in mind that I'm still learning and I'm a huge amateur. The website is far from being perfect but I hope it will still be usefull and funny enough ! There are ads on the website but please feel free to remove them using an adblocker.

How does the mashup works ?

First of all, you have to select two emojis from the list you can find on the main page. The emojis available are the ones that represent a face so that every emojis can be mashed-up with each others. You can also hit the "Randomize!" button to let the bot select them for you.
Once the two emojis have be selected, the bot will analyse their "pieces". An emoji is cut into four pieces : base, eyes, mouth and detail. Dependind on the different pieces the emojis are made of, it will select what would be the piece to take in each category.